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United States is vast land, climatic conditions, fertile land, and the property is very rich. At the same time, the production and trade of the United States are developed, a large number of specialty are transported to other countries in the world. We heard of Sunkist orange, red grapes. U.S. sweet corn in fact is agricultural products cultivated on special.
U.S. specialty Recommended
The cranberry is bright red, a small round fruit growth in dwarf vine, grown in the cold North American wetlands, the world producing areas of less than 40,000 acres. Cranberry only suitable for planting in the highly acidic sandy soil cultivation after 3-5 years, in order to grow into a bright red fruit.
American Ginseng
The American Ginseng good quality, high medicinal value, finest Ginseng. Planted land because there is no pollution here Ginseng made, so its taste is very sweet and fragrant. Use it to soup, tea is all good choices.
Blueberries perennial deciduous or evergreen fruit trees, shrubs, fruit is a berry. The cultivation history is less than 100 years, first started in the United States. The fruit is soft and juicy, mellow flavor and special aroma. Suitable for fresh eating, more suitable for processing. A unique effect is clinically proven to reduce eye fatigue and improve night vision.
Concord grapes
Grape populations of the native species of the Americas, the most famous are the Concord grape. In general, these grapes are used to make grape juice or jelly, and not used to make wine.
Basketball supplies
American basketball country, is recognized worldwide as the level of basketball is a world leader. Of course, the quantity and quality of basketball equipment are also unique in the world, if you like basketball, you can buy the latest basketball shoes, basketball vest.
Computer products
I believe that the Silicon Valley, we’ve all heard, gathered here in the United States and even the world’s top electronic equipment personnel, and thus also the world up to the latest digital equipment. Here you can dig a dig no suitable digital frontier commodity.
Indians traditional crafts
Suffered racial cruel extinction after the Indians left things has been very small. But there are still a small number of Indians living in the United States, they have their ancestral cultural heritage, these cultures are just relying on these handicrafts as a carrier.
Conceptual Product
In fact, American creativity is strong. American streets have many shops sell the concept of the product, and may wish to see. There are many unexpected things, such as spy camera, toilet stool, Tanguan their jobs, solar flashlight and so on.
Fashionable dress
Metropolis of the United States, there are many world-renowned brand fashion stores, may wish to see if your economic circumstances are permit. New York every year world exhibition of clothing to go shopping it is a good choice.

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